Cabin Crew Salary in India

Cabin Crew Salary in India

How much salary of Cabin Crew in india ?

Cabin Crew is the face of the an Airline. They are flight attendants who work in the Cabin of an Airline and interact with passengers. The Cabin Crew is required to ensure that the aircraft operates smoothly and that passengers have a safe and comfortable flight.The Cabin Crew has a pilot (female) and / or flight attendant (male) responsible for the comfort, well-being and safety of passengers. In addition to checking out the luxury resorts for passengers they have the responsibility of checking all emergency plans before departure and arrival of the plane. In this article we will know about Cabin Crew Salary in India and also about the profession of Cabin Crew too.

Working as a flight attendant at a large airline offers many connections with people and travel opportunities. The airline crew of the airline business share responsibility for the safety and comfort of its passengers.This job also pays handsomely that is why we will analyze Cabin Crew Salary in India.

Cabin Crew Salary in India
Cabin Crew Salary in india-Megaversity

Duties and responsibilities of the Cabin Crew member


  • Greet the passengers as they board and board the plane.
  • Sharing passengers in their seats and paying attention to specific passengers, such as the elderly or the disabled
  • serving food and drink
  • monitoring and provision of emergency equipment and passenger details.
  • Demonstrate emergency services and safety procedures.
  • Managing first aid and dealing with emergencies.
  • Offering passengers newspapers, magazines and entertainment on board.
  • Selling non-taxable goods and following sales regulations.
  • Produce written flight reports after completion.
  • The role can be physically and emotionally demanding and there are high qualifications attached
  •  Cabin crews are expected to deal with all passengers visually – even if they experience the effects of long-distance travel and long hours on their feet.

How to be in a Cabin Crew of an Airline in India?

Every year, hundreds of students dream to get a job in the Cabin Crew in India. This job not only is reputed but comes with an adventure attached to it. Employees get various perks working on the air or on the ground.

There are some basic requirements that all airlines may have if you are interested to take up this Job and build a career out of it.

Cabin Crew Salary in India
Cabin crew salary in india - Megaversity

Eligibility Terms:

  • Age: 18-25 years of age
  • Height: Min. 157.5 inches
  • Weight: In proportion to height
  • Citizenship: Indian with an eligibility to get a passport
  • Martial Status: Unmarried
  • Health status: Good eyesight and Heath, 6/24 view per eye
  • Physical features: Happy personality, clear complexion (scars, acne and acne are unacceptable) and good vision, no visible tattoo.
  • Language skills: fluency in English and Hindi. Proficiency in another language will be an added benefit.
  • Collaborative skills: Excellent communication and good interpersonal skills

To become a Flight Steward & Cabin Crew, you may need to pursue the following mentioned course:

  • Diploma in Cabin Crew Services &Guest Management
  • Diploma in Aviation and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew
  • Certificate Course in Air Hostess / Flight Purser

Cabin Crew Salary in india according to Job different positions

According to statistics obtained from reliable sources, here is the average of Cabin Crew salary in India. Ground attendant seems to earn the most in a Cabin Crew with a wide range in the salary. It takes a lot of effort to earn positions in Cabin Crew and the salary is decided on the basis of various factors and your performance in the Airline respectively.

Cabin Crew Salary in India

Why is to important to get trained?

There are many good air management training colleges in India. As we have seen above the difference a in pay rate whether it is Cabin Crew salary in Spice jet or Cabin Crew salary in Air India, it is imperative to get skilled in every arena of Cabin Crew. Every year dozens of students from reputable training institutions join the ranks of the world’s Airlines Cabin crews. Job in a cabin crew is beneficial not only because of the excellent pay package provided by the also because as a air traffic controller you get to travel the world. So if you want to get a position with a reputed airline try to get air tourist training from a reputable college or prestigious training center. One such excellent learning environment to get a job for cabinet workers is Mega Varsity!

cabin Crew Salary in International Airlines compare with india

Some students also dream of getting a Job in International Airlines for a better scope of their career. For a better understanding we have also compiled a list of Average Cabin Crew Salary in International Airlines. The Cabin Crew Emirates salary and the Cabin Crew salary in Qatar airways is the same on an average however it may differ on the ground level.

International Airlines

Cabin Crew Salary

(In $)

Emirates Airlines


Etihad Airlines


Qatar Airlines


Saudia Airlines


Why Megaversity?


MEGA VERSITY (Multi Edu Skills Global academy Pvt Ltd.) is a subsidiary of the Department of Corporate Affairs – Govt. India. They are experts in training air hostesses and all other 21st century skills that an average Indian needs right now. They train their student with all the resources and help them develop skills and achieve great heights.

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