Digital Marketing Salary in India

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India

Digital marketing Salary in India  is the 21st century skill which everyone wants to learn. It is a tool that is widely used to digest the brand message, ideology or ideas that can bring upon a type of change either in the brand image or sales of the company. In marketing everything revolves around sales. Businesses today can’t even think of running operations without the internet and preferably without digital presence.

People who study digital marketing often ask if it is a good career and remain in confusion about it’s scope but we assure you this is the most promising career of this decade and the coming decade. After the Pandemic hit, the expenditure on digital marketing was less than half of all the marketing expenditure but now it is more than the half of expenditure and brands are recruiting more and more businesses are recruiting professionals. A focus on improving the customer experience has never been more important with personalization experience being the top opportunity among emerging marketing capabilities.

This industry is seeing fast paced growth with opportunities at the top right now. As brands are buckling but some for the first time or some following it, there can never be this right opportunity to learn and make a career in digital marketing. We will also analyse digital marketing salary in India.

To clarify digital marketing salary in India, let’s study different jobs where you get paid for marketing digitally.


Digital Marketing Salary in India

1. Digital Marketing Content Managers salary in india & Strategies

Content managers are responsible for the content sold on it’s website. They strategize as to what type of content will be shown to the users and at what place. They ensure that the content effectively appears at the right time what the consumer may need it. Their job is to edit text and images so that they appear on the website in a good size and high quality. They use tools like WordPress, Typos that are central to the development of content.

Content mangers are responsible for both editing and technical activities. Their responsibilities include:

  • Developing strategy for content
  • Planning and coordinating content
  • Creating the content
  • Updating various file formats
  • Monitoring what is on website
  • Optimizing it well

The average salary of Content Manager in India is ₹6,29,627. This is a very promising salary for this profession and may vary according to that place and time.

2. Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

The demand for virtual reality developers is very much in India these days. It all started with the gaming companies but has now spread to industries like Education, Healthcare and military. This development has opened the paths for both virtual reality developers and has brought many advancements in the modern world.

Their responsibilities are wide in nature and depends on what industry you are working.

Virtual reality is so prevalent in movies these days and so is the marketing industry too.

As this profession demands top-notch graphical knowledge and experience plus creativity, the pay is higher most of the time.

The average salary in India is ₹5,00,000 which can range to put ₹19,00,000 based on the industry you work in. This is a high paying job and demands focus on expertise.

3. Digital Marketing SEO/SEM Specialists Salary in India

The specialists in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are responsible for planning, implementing and managing company’s whole SEO strategy. They control the content passed, optimize web pages, used different tolls to get more traffic and analyse that results that gives the company higher gains. Their duties bare web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, content development, link building and keyword strategy.

As a SEO manager you will be responsible for planning, implementation and managing the SEL strategy of your company. As online presence is very important these days, the payment is prestigious too. The average salary in India for SEO/SEM specialist is ₹8,98,459. This can change according to location and company.

4. Email Marketing Specialist

This is rather a new form of career and includes expertise in email marketing. They build content for company emails, design copywriters and are also social media specialists. Email marketing specialist work under digital marketers and are part of the team responsible for company’s digital image.

These professionals work for email automation software, send emails to customers and follow ups, newsletters, and overall control how emails sent by the company are playing a part in brand image. They sometimes interact with customers too.

The average salary in India is ₹4,16,700 for Email Marketing Specialist.

5. Digital Marketing Managers and Directors salary in india

These experts are responsible for overall strategy of the company’s digital image. They plan, develop and implement the marketing campaigns and the products and services. The digital marketing salary in India is affected most by this job. Playing a major file in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, they also optimize the traffic and acquire leads to.

The digital marketing manager has job of identifying and evaluating new digital technologies and use analytics to measure performance. The Digital marketing manager salary in India is very good and is promising too. The of digital marketing manager salary in India is ₹8,09,777. This is based on the experience and type of industry they work for.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

● Freelance Digital Marketing salary in india

If you plan to start your own Digital marketing firm and have a desire to work for premium clients, this is a very good time to earn that place on the street.You help companies promote their products and services online with all type of operating told to gain better results. This can include Content Marketing, Social media marketing specialist and SEO and web analyses too. The freelance digital marketing salary in India is different from the years of experience.

 As this is freelance and can be counted your own business, you can earn an average of ₹5,17,203 in India. They vary from the clients you receive and the type of creative work you do.

Remember, every job and every business works aa long you are an expert in it. Give you 100 percent on whatever Job you choose in digital marketing. A good learning of digital marketing is very important which is hard to choose from these days.


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