Aviation Companies In India

Aviation Companies In India

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Aviation companies In India  has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries list of airline companies in the country over the past three years. India has become the third largest airline market in the world and is expected to surpass the UK to become the third largest airline market by 2024.

Indian aviation industry comprises of 91 aviation companies in india  of which 5 are Indian carriers and 86 are foreign carriers ensuring India’s connectivity  with many large countries. The passenger revenue per kilometre (RPK) for domestic flights seeking 18.6% growth in 2018 was three times the global RPK growth of 6.5%.


India has 91 international carriers comprising of 5 Indian carriers and 86 foreign carriers, which ensure that India is well connected with most major countries. Revenue passenger kilometre (RPK) in domestic airline demand growth of 18.6% in 2018 was three times the global RPK growth of 6.5%. The Aviation sector in India currently contributes $72 billion to India’s GDP. India has 464 airports and airstrips. 125 airports of them are owned by Airport Authority of India (AAI). These 125 AAI airports manage 77% of Domestic air traffic and 23% of International air traffic from India.

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 India is a growing market for the Airline Industry and every year the number of air passengers are increasing at an attractive rate. The aviation companies in India are contributing to this growth.  It includes both travellers for business and travellers for leisure purposes. With growing traffic, the competition between various airlines has also increased. Every airline is trying to improve its service, connectivity, punctuality, decrease Fares and in-flight services as well to grow it’s air traffic.