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Why to settle in Europe? 

Europe has a rich culture and an intriguing history. Once in Europe, you have so much to explore, and you are pretty much sure to travel the whole continent. It has so much to offer in food, lifestyle, money, social life, and jobs for everyone. Since it spreads around a large area, it is not densely populated like India. Europe has a sophisticated standard of living, a great atmosphere, and natural surroundings. Europe is one of the most romantic and promising places on earth where people from all across the world look forward to settle. It is an ideal place for not just a vacation but for spending the rest of your life. And if you are a student then Study – Work – Earn – Settle – PR in Europe.

Type of immigrations in Europe 

When you are seeking immigration in Europe, it is vital to understand what category you fall under.

1. Highly qualified workers

You can immigrate to Europe from other countries under this clause if you prove you have high experience in your field of work. You must have work experience of a minimum of 5 years or are seeking higher educational qualification.  

2. Intra-corporate transferees (ICT)

People from third world countries can immigrate to Europe from India if they have a working contract in any European company. In such a case, you will immigrate to Europe in the same position. However, you can immigrate under the condition that your current employer has a branch in the country hosting you.

3. Researchers

People holding a valuable degree willing to research any European continent are more than welcome and can apply for immigration under this category. However, you should either be associated with your organization or be financially strong to support your research.  

4. Seasonal workers

People with a temporary work contract in any European continent can immigrate to Europe. It is essential to show proof of your accommodation arrangements and that of your employment status. 

5. Students

Any student enrolled at a European university in a full-time curriculum can move to Europe. To study in Europe,  students must have valid documents such as health insurance, financial aid, and proof of payment of the application fee.  

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