Details of hotel management course

Explain Detail Of Hotel Management Course .

Hotel management may be a detailed study of the hospitality and hotel industry. Greeting and meeting people on one’s responsibility is certainly not rocket science but also it’s not as easy because it seems. In Details of hotel management course colleges you’ll be imparted skills on how you’ll manage at your best the operations of hotel, motel, resort, etc. Hotel and restaurant management courses offered in educational institutions across India and surat train students to become successful hotel managers, hoteliers, etc. It is one among the foremost sought-after courses because it provides the big selection of opportunities available within the hospitality industry in India, surat and also abroad.


Why Hotel management as a career option

The turn of the century has had a great impact on the perspectives on careers in the details of hotel management course hotel . Earlier, this service industry profession was not really regarded as a reputable job profile. But things have changed today. Millions of people join institutes of hotel management in the country in hopes of making it big with their career. The money, the chance to see the world, and the opportunity to serve celebrities. All of these factors lead to such a dramatic change in terms of the industry’s image among the general public.


The world is in a state of constant motion. So are its human inhabitants. We keep moving from place to place, for different things. It can be for business, for leisure and for many other reasons the 21st century has brought in with it. With this trend came the need for services that can make such journeys more comfortable for us. And that led to the growth of the tourism and hospitality management industry. 

Name of Hotel management courses

• Bachelor of hotel management (BHM)
• BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
• Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
• BA in Hotel Management
• BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism
• Diploma in Hotel Management
• Diploma in Cabin Crew Services and Hospitality Management
• Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
• Certification in hotel management

What will you learn during a hotel management course?

• Front office
• Food and beverages
• Restaurant management
• Security management
• Sales and marketing
• Hotel operations management
• Client assistance
• Housekeeping
• Catering management

Hotel management in India

One important you would like to recollect while taking over a details of hotel management course is that not all colleges follow an equivalent standards. So, it’s important to settle on the institution that has the simplest infrastructure, faculty and resources. You should also make sure that the institution of your choice offers the course of your choice. Another advantage of choosing a reputed institution is that it will increase your chance to get placed in a better organization

How COVID-19 can stimulate healthier hospitality industry

Covid-19 has impacted almost every sector within the economy and therefore the hospitality industry is among the toughest hit. The pandemic has irrevocably impacted the world . Turning to the new norms, the hospitality industry now needs fresh resolutions to those hurdles. Post Covid-19 era, only unconventional approaches will succeed. because the new norms are coming into practice, the hospitality industry too will need to follow these new guidelines for his or her customer satisfaction. Want to understand how Covid-19 can stimulate healthier hospitality leadership? Here’s an insight!

5 Essential Skills Learn in Megaversity (surat) to be a successful hotelier

  • Communication Skills: Exceptional communication skills are needed for any hotel management profession. Hotel managers communicate with people from various backgrounds and temperaments. Managers got to always show themselves during a courteous, empathetic, and professional manner.
  • Interpersonal Skills: As they assert , good communication is that the key to everything, and interpersonal skills play an enormous role in being an efficient communicator. it’s eventually the manager’s duty to stay guests also as their employee’s content. Hotel managers often communicate with various groups of individuals from everywhere the planet . At times, they inevitably run into distasteful personality types and uncommon international cultures or requests, so one must have the power to concentrate and adapt so as to be a successful hotelier .
  • Team Building/Leadership: Hotel managers should be good team leaders who are always willing to listen to , encourage employee morale, decisively solve problems and assign responsibility to staff members. Building a united and open team atmosphere will help improve both your staff’s productivity and your guest’s experience.
  • Operational Knowledge: The regular duties of hotel managers need a fundamental basis of hotel operational experience. Most of them gain operational knowledge and details of hotel management course through either entry-level employment within the industry or hotel management courses. Without a basic understanding of concepts like accounting, human resource management or cost control, managers are going to be left ineffective in making the alternatives required on a day to day .
  •  Attention to Detail: within the hospitality industry, the foremost significant goal is to create and maintain customer satisfaction which means that you simply should offer top-notch services all the time but being perfect often needs great micromanagement. In other words, every successful hotelier has attention to detail and thoroughness in their work. they’re always on the lookout for improvements.
Happy Cars, Happy Clients


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India ( Surat )

Global Destination ( International Countries )




Minimum: 10th Pass.

Age: 17 to 25 years.




Uniform provided by Mega Versity.

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Education / Field tours, provided by Mega Versity.

details of hotel management course

Key Trends survey by hospitality industry  Foreign tourists arriving in India & earning from tourism in india.

Details of hotel management course

Market Size

Market Size Survey by Hospitality Industry. Travel and tourism total contribution to GDP. 

details of hotel management course

Sector composition

Sector composition industry survey for travel and tourism Current revenue share in travel and tourism and expected revenue share till 2028. 


  • Basic English Communication.

  • Effective English Communication Skills.

  • Grooming

  • Personality development.

  • Principals of Hotel Management.

  • Hospitality Marketing with Digitalization.

  • Event Planning & Management.

  • Food & Beverages Management.

  • Front Office Management.

  • House Keeping Management.

  • Tourism Management.

  • Human Recourse Management.

details of hotel management course


  • Politeness.

  • Creative.

  • Discipline.

  • Sense of Responsibility.

  • Punctuality.

  • Ability to adjust in a corporate atmosphere.

  • Multi-Tasking.

  • Team Sprite.

  • Client / guest oriented.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

The demand for hotel management professionals is already huge and is expected to grow more with the increasing number of hotels being set up in India and all over the world. … Hotel management jobs include multiple skills like food and beverage service, front office operation, sales and marketing, accounting etc.

  • Diploma in Hotel Management. (Internationally Recognized by Mega Versity ).
  • Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management. (Internationally Recognized by Mega Versity ).
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism.
  • BBA in Hotel Management. 
  • Switzerland.
  • South Korea.
  • United Kingdom.
  • European Union.
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Norway
  • Netherlands

There are so many good job opportunity in foreign after studying hotel management. there are so many candidate recruited in UK, USA and other country from India from hotel management degree and other degree. to apply for job in abroad you must have a valid passport. Also you must have all clear documents.

With the escalating demand of hotels in India, the hotel management industry has huge growth potential in the near future. The demand for smart and skilled professionals in this industry is growing at a fast pace, not only in India but also worldwide. There is a dire need for skilled and retainable professionals.

1,94,881 crore (US$ 29.96 billion). In 2019, arrivals through e-Tourist Visa increased by 23.6% y-o-y to 2.9 million. International hotel chains are increasing their presence in the country, and it will account for around 47% share in the tourism and hospitality sector of India by 2020 and 50% by 2022

International hotel brands like …

  • JW Marriott,
  • Starwood,
  • Radisson Carlson Rezidor,
  • InterContinental Hotel Group

Are planning to double the luxury properties in India by 2020.

Here is the list of all major hotel chains operating in India offering variety of Indian and international dishes,
dining and entertainment experience.

# There are many hospitality companies in India, here is the list of India’s best International luxury hotels and resorts. 

  • Taj Hotels,
  • The Lalit Hotels,
  • The Leela Palace and

The Oberoi Group are Indian luxury hospitality companies.

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