Flying an Airplane is a pursuit of passion

Pilot Training with Flying License

The ability to fly a modern airplane requires the “Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude ” that we train here at Mega Versity.

What does a Pilot Training Course constitute of?

Lately, pilot training courses have come to the foreground with a surge in the number of applicants. Many young girls and boys want to commandeer planes, commercial, private or military. So likewise, more and more aviation schools and flying clubs have been started across the country. You have to clear individual entrance and aptitude tests to secure your admission and then work through the various levels of pilot training. There is no conventional learning involved when it comes to pilot training but a series of written and medical tests and flying time that makes the student proceed through the course. After the completion of each level, the pupil has to begin from scratch for the next level and by the end of the course, she/he will be able to fly or at least co-pilot an airplane. 

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