Study-Work-Settle Europe

Visa Success Story of 2022

Mr.Rahul More
Visa Approved For Hungary with 8 Year of study gap Rejected for Schengen Visa from another consultant finally got Schengen Visa With us. Total time Taken to fly 60 days only.

Who Can Take Benefits

1) Is your Study Gap More Than 5 Year.
2) Is your Visa Rejected. 3) Do u want to Fly in 90 Days. 4) Is your Child Minor and you want to fly with him and do full time job.

Our Service to You

1) English Preparation

2) Country Selection in Europe 3) Collage Selection 4) Embassy interview 5) Rent Agreement In Europe 6) Part-time Job In Europe 7) Post Landing Services

Why to Apply in Europe

 1) Offer Letter in 15 Days

2) Visa in 60 – 90 Days 3) With or Without IELTS 4) Spouse can apply 5) Gap acceptable 6) Earn One Lakh From 1st Month Get Full Time Job in 2nd Year Migrate to CANADA,US,UK,AUS..