Online MBA
 Approx. 38k INR fees per year.
 NAAC A+ Accredited By Central Universities Of India
 ODL/ICT enabled program UGC Approved. Digital / E-learning Enabled Indian/International Citizen Can apply Specialization
• Master of Business Administration,
• MBA – Marketing Management
• MBA – Financial Management
• MBA – Human Resource Management
• MBA – Operations Management
• MBA – Information Technology
• MBA – Entrepreneurship
• MBA – Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• MBA Big Data Analytics
• MCom E-Commerce
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Marketing Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Information Technology

Master of Business Administration Course Details

The MBA’s eleven industry exposures and six domain specialization, learners, can choose a career by becoming specialists in their chosen industry. The curriculum aims to help students establish a successful career as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur by providing a wide range of topics relevant to the industry. A review of the best management practices and the professional abilities required in the business led to the creation of this curriculum.


  • Emphasis: The program aims to provide students with knowledge, skills, and industry exposure necessary to become more proficient and knowledgeable in their business domain.
  • Innovation: This program is designed to prepare students through the concepts of knowing, doing, and being in terms of the current demands and expectations of the rapidly increasing primary sector around the globe.
  • Co-creation: There is a high level of engagement and excitement associated with this program because the front-end alignment to improve learning quality combines with the back-end alignment to ensure career excellence with worldwide academic partners and hiring organizations.
  • Sighting: A high return on investment and lifetime learning is achieved through developing skills and traits while enrolled.

MBA – Marketing Management

Marketing Management discovers demand fluctuations and develops suitable tactics for economically utilizing such prospects. This specialization is designed to educate students on how to build marketing initiatives and regularly analyze the growth of the marketing industry. It also educates on addressing flaws in the implementation of marketing strategies, rules, and practices.

MBA – Financial Management

Financial management is the exercise of developing a company strategy and then ensuring that all divisions adhere to it. Aspirants would comprehend finance through this specialization to deliver statistics to support the formation of a long-term strategy, guide decisions on where to invest, and produce ideas on how to manage those assets, stability, productivity, capital, and several relevant subjects.

MBA – Human Resource Management

This specialization deals with the expertise, experiences, capabilities, strengths, and aptitudes of the workforce of an organization, including the ideals, views, methods, and ideas of the employees participating in the company’s business operation.

MBA – Information Technology

This specialization will provide learners with a thorough grasp of human resource strategy, e-commerce, and technology. Students will have an advantage in this era of competition since the post-graduate curriculum offers an abstract vision of expanding industry to modify with technological patterns.

MBA – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship extends beyond the confines of a business’s closed structure. The specialization educates students about the more extensive breadth of entrepreneurship, how to boost the market, and promote significant socioeconomic progress. In addition to meeting a need and gaining revenue, this field creates employment for the growth of a society.


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